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Plant Support Bows

Plant support bows are one of the most versatile plant supports. Made of plastic coated solid steel they are both sturdy and rust resistant. Our bow plant supports can be used individually or can be linked together to make circles and other shapes (using the hooks in the corners). Our bow plant supports come in 5 different sizes and are supplied in packs of 3. We also have some great offers on multiple packs.


Top tips
- The perfect time to use bows is towards the middle and end of the season as the plants growth develops
- Bows are great for rescuing and reviving wind blown plants
- Bows can be gently bent to better suit the plants they are supporting
- When growing large plants a large bow can be inserted deep into the ground, then slowly drawn our and the plant gets taller

Bow Plant Supports

The plastic coated, interlinking bow plant supports come in a variety of sizes to suit most common plants and flowers.
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