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We make your life easy by providing you with our user friendly Trug Trolleys which can be moved around the place with amazing ease. The trug trolleys are our very own creation and can carry up to 45 litres plastic trugs that slides in and out of a 45cm diameter self leveling swinging frame. The Lightweight powder coated dark green steel frame is easy to push around and the wide wheels make them the most useful accessory in the garden. Our Wonder Plastic Trugs go very well with these trug trolleys and are light weight, washable and long-lasting. These can be used with or without the trug trolleys. These trugs are made from recycled material. Additional trugs can be purchased separately at GardenXtras.

Wonder Plastic Trugs

45 litre plastic trugs made from recycled material. Ideal for use with our revolutionary Trug Trolley TM or separately. Often ca
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Trug  Trolley<sup>TM</sup>

Invented here!!!
Trug Trolley TM carries 45 litre plastic trug that slides in and out of a 45cm diameter swinging frame that s
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