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These outdoor garden bean bags are made from long lasting, double machined, polyester canvas. The bean-cube, beanbag and bean-chair have a membrane layer with the zipper positioned underneath. The bean-sack, been-wheelie and bean-couch are all double zipped, with a reversed zip retaining the inter liner, these zips are Velcro concealed.

The whole range of beanbags meets the stringent UK indoor furniture regulations so can be used indoors or outdoors. While they are waterproof they should always be stored indoors while not in use i.e. in a shed or garage.

As with all garden bean bags the polyester beans inside will breakdown over time and will need to be topped up occasionally. It's also possible to add more beans if you require a firmer beanbag. We offer a refill bag and adding extra beans is a simple process.

Bean Chair

A much larger, firmer beanbag, ideal for an adult to settle down into it.
From : £ 44.99

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Bean Couch

A bigger version of the wheel that can even be used for several adults
From : £ 74.99

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Bean Sac

A more traditional shaped waterproof beanbag that can be used flat or on it's edge to create a really comfy armchair effect.
From : £ 59.99

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Bean Wheelie

A seat that would sit several school children or an adult when flat or on edge for a comfy resting place in the garden.
From : £ 45.99

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