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Our range of hanging baskets liners include some quality hanging planters such as the easy fill hanging baskets, hanging cauldron basket, heavy duty hanging basket, lock-up hanging basket, premium hanging basket etc. The Polanter kits are the new and versatile hanging plant containers for gardeners and are known for their better results.

Easy Fill Hanging Basket

Made from recycled plastic, our easy fill hanging baskets are the easy way to plant beautiful hanging baskets.
From : £ 4.99

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Premium Hanging Basket

Good quality decorative hanging basket available in black or green, complimented with a matching chain. Superb with our various hanging basket stands.
From : £ 2.99

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Easy Fill Wall Mounted Basket

Easy fill wall mounted wall baskets 20” wide
From : £ 7.99

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Hanging Cauldron Basket

Superb strip metal steel cauldron with heavy duty chain. It has a depth and size to produce stunning effects. Ideal for pubs, commercial work and anywhere that needs a large display.
From : £ 14.99

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Easy Fill Watering Spout

Simply insert the spout whilst planting the basket to water directly into the centre.
From : £ 2.99

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Micro Drip Kit

Micro Drip Kit - for easy watering - ideal for mangers, hanging baskets and all hard to reach planters.
From : £ 5.99

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Pre Cut Liners

Pre Cut easy to use Liners.
4 for £3, choice of sizes.
From : £ 3.00

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Green Liner

A flexible all-in-one basket liner suitable for all of our planters. Natural coir fibre moss substitute with a perforated plastic backing sh
From : £ 1.00

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Lock-Up Hanging Basket and Bracket

Unfortunately necessary in many situations, particularly shops or a house that sits directly onto the street. This is a secure basket with a steel rod chain that cannot be tampered with and is securely padlocked in place.

From : £ 19.99

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Natural Liner

A flexible all-in-one basket liner suitable for all of our planters.



From : £ 2.50

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Tree Hanger - S Shape

These useful hooks were originally designed for hanging bird feeders in trees, people tend to find endless uses for them.
From : £ 5.00

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