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Grow Through Plant Supports

Grow through plant supports are one of the more traditional plant supports. We sell both circular and rectangular frames and both have repositionable legs making them easier to insert and use. The circular frame comes with three separate legs and the rectangular ones come with four. The legs are simply pushed into the ground and then the frame is inserted into the grips on top of each leg. Both shapes are best suited to dense flower beds, to help divide each individual stem and ensure each head gets plenty of sunlight. Once a plant is fully grown the grid is almost completely concealed. For less crowded flower beds you may prefer to use our circular supports.


Circle: 50 cm tall x 30 cm diameter
Rectangle: 50 cm tall x 40 cm wide x 30 cm deep


Grow Through Supports

One of the more traditional plant supports in our range, perfect for crowed flowerbeds.
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