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Portable greenhouses to extend your plant growing season

March 16, 2016

Portable greenhouses to extend your plant growing season
Now that March is here, spring is in sight. It is time we started preparing for the new growing season. But this joy of planting is often short lived if done outside as continuous fair weather is far from guaranteed.  Your solution to this problem is the portable greenhouse.  These small greenhouses are your perfect solution if you want to get a jump start on your gardening season, extend your gardening period or simply enjoy your plantations all year round. Being porrtable they do not occupy valuable space when not in use and also they can be positioned in covenient places and in or out of sunshine etc

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Wellington Boot Rack for the person who has everything

October 06, 2015

It’s that time of year again when we have to start the difficult task of buying Christmas gifts for Mums, Dads, Friends and Family members who already have everything they could possibly need!
A wellington boot stand or wellington boot rack from our range is the perfect gift for the person who has everything!
Not only are the wellington boot stands practical but they are also decorative.
All our wellington boot stands are handmade in our West Sussex factory, they are made from strong solid steel and plastic coated in a shiny black to prevent rusting.
We have a large range of wellington boot stand designs to suit every garden, porch, garage or stable!
We have wall racks with hooks – ideal for the dog leads or tackle... screw to the wall racks.
Wellington boot stands for 2, 3, or 4 pairs of wellingtons... and also 2 pair stands with wellington boot pullers and boot scrapers!
We also have the new ‘Family Wellington Boot Stand’ – designed for 2 adult pairs of wellingtons and 2 children’s pairs of wellingtons or walking boots.
Of course all our wellington boot stands and racks can be used for wellington boots or in fact riding or walking boots.
So why not tidy away those untidy wellington boots with this unusual but space saving innovative – keeping them upside down even prevents spiders crawling inside!

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Spring Flower Shows

April 18, 2015

Spring Flower Shows
Spring sees us stepping out and exhibiting and selling at a number of wonderful garden shows where we display and sell a selection of our garden accessories such as our ever popular plant supports.
We hope to see you there.
First up is the Harrogate Spring Flower Show from the 23rd to the 26th April. Limited tickets available! So hurry and click HERE for details.

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Make your garden spring ready

February 20, 2015

Make your garden spring ready
Effective spring planning brings benefits all year round. Waking up the gardens after the cold spells needs a little bit of hard work which includes planting, pruning, preparing the beds and also caring for the lawn. This can be a daunting task but is nevertheless quite rewarding.
To prepare the gardens for spring begins with a little bit of cleaning. Leaves and weeds need to be cleared out from the drainage where they are more prone to gather. This cleared material can be composted if requiredt. Apart from these fallen leaves any new unnecessary young weeds also need to be cleared out.

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Garden furniture covers for the winter

October 31, 2014

Garden furniture covers for the winter

With the approaching winter it is time to start taking care of a few things which includes your garden furniture. If you cannot protect it by storing it indoors or just want to leave it outside a garden furniture cover is your best options.

here at GardenXtras. We have an amazing range of garden furntiure and patio furniture covers made out of robust fabrics and will help protect your furniture from the harsh and damaging weather and debris.

All our furniture covers options are waterproof and UV resistant and have a drawstring adjustment to enable a snug fit. Shapes include round, square and rectangular to cover all sorts of items like chairs and benches, swing seat covers, sun lounger covers, BBQ covers etc.

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'Squirrel Proof' bird food from squirrel ban at

September 24, 2014

We take great delight in a garden that is often visited by different birds. We all know that the best way to lure the birds to the garden is by providing the birds with plenty of food. Putting out the bird food in the garden to attract birds is easy but protecting it from the larger birds or squirrels isn’t. Even options such as the caged feeders do not necessity keep out those squirrels

At Gardenxtras we have the perfect solution. It is a special bird feed that the squirrels hate but birds love. Called Squirrel Ban it is a premium seed blend that is perfectly safe and nutritious for all kinds of birds. This seed blend has a special type of ingredient that keeps the squirrels away from the bird feed. The squirrels may come to investigate but more often than not will leave it alone. All the details and information of the Squirrel Ban are available for you right here on our Squirrel Ban website. Have a look at this product, maybe it is the answer to one of the most common problem faced by many.

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Rooftop Gardens are Back in Favour

August 19, 2014

Rooftop Gardens are Back in Favour
Rooftop gardens are back in favour in the UK. There have been hundreds appearing in cities across the country with the majority in London. Converting your roof top to a garden area helps you add more space to your property as well as adding more bio diversity and supplementary food sources for wildlife. By adding plants and garden accessories you can create the ambience for the perfect sit out right there on the roof top with its views and remoteness from noise.

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Create bird friendly gardens

August 18, 2014

GardenXtras is your one stop shop for garden items and accessories such as pretty planters, plant supports, patio and balcony planters, garden furniture with everything right from garden cushions to covers, pot caddies, rings etc. So when you have a beautiful garden why not put in a little more effort in making it a little bird friendly?

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Not Just Any Old Plant support!

July 21, 2014

At GardenXtras we manufacture many of our most popular items here at our own factory. So they are high quality and English made!
We began our journey into plant supports by creating interlinking ‘bows.’  Plant support bows are one of the most versatile plant supports we do and can be used interlinked in clumps of 2 or 3 supports or they can be used individually. We sell these bows in packs of threes in 5 different sizes.

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Balcony Planters for balcony and patio planting

June 11, 2014

Innovative and modern, cleaver and practical ... I am please to introduce our wide range of balcony hangers and balcony pot holding solutions – the perfect alternative to a window box! For use on fences, rails, balconies or walls there is a trough holder perfect for you and your garden... Complete with a 60cm trough in a choice of colours these balcony hangers are a real space saver. We have a wide range of designs from balcony pot holders and balcony trough holders to the new adjustable balcony hanger. All our fence/balcony hangers are plastic coated for durability and to prevent rusting! So why not give your garden or balcony that special edge and make it stand out this summer.

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New Plant Support Guide

May 21, 2014

Garden plant supports are growing in popularity and it is no wonder why. As plants grow they are prone to be blown about and to look untidy. The right plant supports correctly used will protect your plants from being blown over and also keep them looking tidy and compact. 

There is a range of different plant supports to accommodate the different plants. All are plastic coated solid steel. To help you decide which plant supports are best suited to your requirements we have created a new plant support guide.

Plant support bows are used widely and are our fastest moving product. They can be used individually or can be linked together to make circles and other shapes (using the hooks in the corners).  Bows can be gently bent to better suit the plants they are supporting. When growing large plants a large bow can be inserted deep into the ground, then slowly drawn out as the plant gets taller.  Our bow plant supports can be used individually or can be linked together to make circles and other shapes (using the hooks in the corners). They come in 5 different sizes and are supplied in packs of 3. 

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Easter Gifting

April 14, 2014

Easter is just over a week away. The Easter day that commemorates the resurrection of Lord Jesus is celebrated with a lot of fun and joy all around. Easter is marked with a lot of gifting between loved ones. Since Easter is just round the corner, it is yet again time to start thinking about gifting options for your near and dear ones. Many a times just beautiful Easter eggs is not enough and finding that perfectly unconventional gift can be a task. There are no specific gifts as such that are to be gifted on the Easter day. Gifts can vary from person to person depending on their choice.

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Plant supports for better visual and practical effects

March 19, 2014

Plant supports for better visual and practical effects
Spring draws attention to your garden and there are a few things that need to be done to make sure that your garden is all set for the season. With a little bit of planning and the right accessories you can create a beautiful outdoor space no matter what size it is. If space is a constraint, concentrating on vertical growth can be your best option. Plant supports are your best aid in achieving this.

At GardenXtras we have a great range of plant support products to help support and protect your plants. The available options include metal plant supports, willow plant supports, gardman plant supports in different shapes and sizes such as spiral, conical, round etc. These versatile plant supports are such that they perfectly complement the look of the plants.

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Patio Planters for the upcoming Spring

January 24, 2014

Winters do their best to leave your gardens drab and lifeless and almost devoid of any colour. Spring comes in with a promise to fill in this gap and bring your garden back to its former glory. Since we are almost halfway through the winter, and spring almost here it is time to shift focus and start prepping your garden for the spring season.

If you are confused about where to begin, you might want to start with your garden and patio planters as these can we prepared inside and sheltered from the winter weather then put outside with the coming of spring.

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Buy Christmas tree stands online

November 20, 2013

Christmas is almost upon us. With Christmas comes the festive mood, decorations and present buying. Amongst the beautiful and mesmerizing decorations, the centre of attraction is undoubtedly the Christmas tree!
So your natural tree home and decorate it. Then why not avoid that grubby tree support system and go for a proper Christmas tree stand.

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Preparing the Garden For Winter

November 15, 2013

It is that time of the year again when the festive mood sets in. As you prepare for Christmas this time round do not forget to prepare your gardens for the winter as well. If you haven’t got your winter boots out yet it is definitely time to do so. We have got some really funky wellies which will also prove to be the ideal Christmas presents for your friends and loved ones.

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Garden Furniture Covers - Now is the time!....

October 11, 2013

Autumn is here! Most of us put in a lot of effort and money into creating the right spot in the garden with the perfect furniture and the right cushions and other accessories to compliment the furniture. But quite often we might forget one of the main accessories for our garden. These are the furniture covers to protect your garden or patio furniture. Even if your garden furniture is water resistant you need to take some sort of care to maintain it. With time the garden furniture starts looking old, dirty and worn out if proper care is not taken.
Now is the time to buy and use those valuable garden furniture covers


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Now autumn is approaching wellington boots will feature again. Keep them tidy and dry using these Wellington Boot Racks

August 23, 2013

Autumn is approaching and this means farewell to the longer summer days and the lovely heat wave most of us have been having and hello to wetter days and the wet ground and mud that  comes with it. It is time to get your wellies out and continue to enjoy life outside even in the wet. No matter what you are doing, working outside or playing, wellington boots are essential.

Whether you are using a pair of our Funky Wellington boots or Hunter boots or even ankle boots they will get dirty and muddy.


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Buying & Maintaining Garden Furniture Cushions

August 06, 2013

There are a number of garden furniture cushion options available for your patio chairs or hardwood furniture armchairs, recliners, sun loungers, steamers, garden benches etc.

There are cushions with fashionable designs available in different colours for you to choose from as well as those with headrests and with colours that do not fade when exposed to too much light, and they do not rot.

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Garden Accessories for Summer

June 24, 2013

Garden Accessories for Summer

Pot Caddies
Some time ago we were asked by a regular customer to create a pot mover which actually works and looks nice at the same time... We came up with the award winning pot caddy... available in three different sizes, round or square. It has the same advantages of pot feet, ie; keeps the plant pot of the ground but with the added advantage that you can now move the pot around the garden with ease... it’s like a pot with wheels. The pot caddy is black in colours and has a decorative pattern in black plastic coated steel for strength and durability – rust resistant too! The round pot movers have 5 castor wheels for strength which allows them to hold pots up to 40kg heavy! In this section we also have plant stands, decorative and plain, wall mounted single and double pot holders, plant holder trikes and terracotta pot rings in a choice of sizes.

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Wellington boot rack -For inside or outside use

November 08, 2012

Tired of having a messy stable/tack room? Tired of having nowhere to put your wellies and riding boots? Need a simple and stylish solution….. Available for only £17.99! Total Height: 46cm Prong Height: 46cm Width: 40cm Depth: 15cm Wellington boot rack – For inside or outside use: This wall mounted, rust proof wellington boot holder

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Wellington Boot Racks Accessories

November 06, 2012

Tired of having a messy tack room or utility room?

Tired of having nowhere to put your wellies and riding boots?

For inside or outside use: We have a Sussex made wellington boot stand or rack to cater for all needs.

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Garden Furniture Covers

November 02, 2012

Garden Furniture Covers
Tired of the weather ruining your garden furniture?
Want to spend more time enjoying it rather than cleaning it?

Want to protect your investment and make your furniture last?

Then you need one of our standard, or premium garden furniture covers.

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Patio Furniture Covers

November 02, 2012

Patio furniture covers help protect your outdoor furniture from wear and tear as well as harsh, potentially damaging weather. Intense sunshine can fade and dry the finish of your furniture, causing it to crack or split. Wet weather can cause mildew of certain materials. Patio furniture covers help protect your furnishings from all of this, as well as pets that may enjoy relaxing in your chairs or on table tops.

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Working off My Seasonal Excesses

January 16, 2011

Happy New Year to all our of gardening friends – we’re looking forward to spending a little more time with you all this year and sharing some of our experiences with you.

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We weren’t expecting to be talking about snow in the garden just yet…

December 09, 2010

A typical late November and early December in the garden, for me at least, involves wrapping up warmly, donning my wellies and taking a stroll around with a warm cup of coffee, just giving everything a once over. Tidying up, attending to the little things I’ve missed or forgotten about and planning for the year to come – a little escape from Christmas shopping.

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Prepare Your Garden For Winter

November 01, 2010

Well if you haven’t got your winter boots out yet, you know it’s definitely time to, we’re seeing a fair bit of rain now and it’s all getting a bit damp underfoot. We’ve got some really nice funky wellies, which are ideal Christmas presents for your gardening friends and don’t forget if you buy a pair of Marie Curie wellies from us we make a donation to them.

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Gardening and Royal Horticultural Society Shows and Events 2010

July 17, 2010

It all starts in April 2010 at…

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Our guide to the top five outdoor garden games and entertainment

July 10, 2010

Not that we needed an excuse to get outside and in the sun, we just needed a reason to make it during work time

So we decided to try out some outdoor games we have here so that we could create our very own favourite list.

We decided to rate them on three things, how much fun the were to play, how many friends could be involved and which ones gave us the most laughs.

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Three excellent ways to profit from your own garden

May 22, 2010


The great thing about keeping and growing your own is that it not only saves you money, it also frees you from the worry of future fluctuating prices!

The cost of our fresh produce has been steadily rising, and just today it was reported that inflation is above it’s target at well over 3% per annum. It looks set that our fruit and veg is to become even more costly.

You can preserve in one way or another any over production, so you can benefit from it all year round.

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Gardenxtras Gardeners World Live photo competition

April 28, 2010

Making it easier to achieve your ideal garden

The right action at the right time leads to your ideal garden. So we’ve started this new blog and will, over this year, create a comprehensive calendar every month for you to use.

Spring has finally sprung and all the ideas and thoughts about what you’ve wanted to do in your Garden can now be actioned.

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Garden accessories, Garden furniture, Patio furniture, Plant supports and Garden bird care

April 09, 2010

Welcome to GardenXtras. We can fulfil all your garden requirements from garden accessories to garden furniture, patio furniture, plant supports and garden bird care.  We supply garden furniture, garden patio furniture and hardwood garden furniture from top manufacturers around the world. Our garden furniture includes wooden sets, garden benches, garden swings and metal sets.  Also we stock garden furniture cushions and garden furniture covers in various shapes and colours. Our range includes both standard cushions and premium cushions for hardwood garden furniture. These cushions are made in 100% Polyester with zipped removable covers. High quality filling provides a high level of comfort. All our furniture cushions conform to the stringent UK Fire and Safety regulations.

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